C4 Pro Magnitudo motorcycle helmet

Class system helmet for discerning drivers
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The Schuberth C4 Pro is two years after taking the evolution of the popular C4 and is firmly in progress based on feedback directly from the drivers' field. This refinement is the key word. The comfort and convenience are raised to a higher level. The aerodynamic formation and the large field of view through the optical Class 1 visor make it suitable for a wide range of types of motors: for riders who only the best of the best is good enough to find


Schuberth C4 Pro Magnitudo helmet shell

The helmet shell of the Schuberth Pro C4 is extensively tested in the wind tunnel and optimized aerodynamic. For example, which is employable in different types of engines. Of naked bikes to luxury touring buffalo. The C4 Pro is manufactured from the DFP material under high heat is formed and comprises a glasvezelmix a strong and lightweight helmet. The helmet shell is in two shell sizes for XS-S and M-3XL. The EPS foam inner shell has an energy-absorbing effect.

Schuberth C4 Pro Magnitudo visors

The Schuberth C4 Pro has a panoramic field of vision allowing you all around you in the bud nip knows. Due to the standard class 1 optically clear visor is that, without distortion. The clear visor is equipped with Pinlock preparation and now is a 100% MaxVision 120 Pinlock lens supplied with the highest quality. Thanks to the hinge mechanism is changing the child's sight and do without tools. Due to tackle the mechanism has Schuberth C4 Pro quieter managed to get than its predecessor.
In the helmet edge is hidden operating the integrated sun visor. With a simple slide movement are your eyes from harmful UV rays and dust and insects as soon as you drive to open the visor and the chin cup. This visor features a scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating and is also in different positions.

Schuberth C4 Pro Magnitudo inner lining and ventilation

ShinyTex lining is quick-drying and antimicrobial properties. The velvet treatment has improved comfort in contact with skin. The Coolmax technology, the C4 Pro excellent climate regulation, whether deep runs in the autumn or the middle of summer. Naturally, the lining is completely washable and removable. Schuberth has done everything to make the helmet even quieter and the collar is adapted thereto for better sound insulation. The AROS system in the helmet interior is a connection between the chin strap and the helmet shell so that the helmet in case of an accident outstanding remains in place.
In the area of ??ventilation has Schuberth C4 Pro also taken firmly in hand. Both the vent inlets on the chin guard when the top of the helmet have been modified for improved comfort of use and a more effective aeration. The inner liner also has air channels discharging the hot air via the air outlet in the collar. On the inside of the visor, a wind curtain raised to minimize the chance of fogging the visor to.

Schuberth C4 Pro Magnitudo Bluetooth communication preparation

To you as a rider as easy as possible to make the C4 Pro standard prepared for a Plug & amp; Play Bluetooth communication. The microphones, speakers and antenna are in fact already preinstalled. This only do you have the module and battery Schuberth Schuberth SC1 SC1 or Advanced system puncture. The microphones are no longer overhead but were moved to the cheek pads for improved intelligibility during calls or intercom conversations with fellow riders.

Properties Schuberth motorcycle helmet C4 Pro Magnitudo

Type helmet

  • Quietest and most compact system Schuberth helmet
  • Designed for different types of engines
  • For the demanding tour skater and commuting driver
  • Around oval-fit

helmet shell

  • DFP glass fiber helmet shell
  • EPS foam inner shell with variable thickness for optimal protection
  • Fully optimized in the wind tunnel aerodynamic
  • 2 Scale sizes (XS-S, M-3XL)
  • ECE 22.05 certified


  • Advanced ventilation
  • Improved air intake on the chin guard
  • Improved air inlet on the upper side in the 2-position
  • Air outlet in the collar
  • Air ducts in inner liner


  • ShinyTex removable and washable lining
  • Softer material for greater comfort
  • Fast-drying and anti-bacterial
  • Fitted with Coolmax technology
  • Seamless design for comfort
  • toppadding adjustable for adaptation to the head
  • Suitable for eyeglass wearers

Visor and sun visor

  • Standard visor clear with Pinlock preparation
  • Optic class 1 visor prevents distortion
  • Large field
  • 100% MaxVision Pinlock 120 included
  • Visor easily removed without tools
  • Improved hinge mechanism for less noise
  • Integrated sun visor adjustable in various positions
  • Easy to operate in left-hand edge helmet
  • Provided with scratch-resistant and anti-fogging coating

Chinstrap closure and extras

  • Adjustable chin strap buckle micro
  • AROS anti roll-off safety system
  • Removable shin flap
  • Antenna concealed in helmet shell
  • Stereo microphone preinstalled in cheek pad
  • Standard equipped with speakers in preparation for Comset


  • Plug & amp; Play prepared for communications
  • Schuberth SC1 SC1 Standard and Advanced communication
  • Sun Visor in various colors and shades
  • visor in various shades
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Helmet familyModular
Rider typeSport Touring, Touring, Adventure
Material groupFibreglass
CertificationECE 22.05
Outer shellFibreglass
Inner shellEPS
ChinstrapMicro ratchet
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