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You can buy toe sliders at MKC Moto, the specialist. toe sliders are there for sporty motorcycle boots. Replace your toe sliders on time and prevent damage to your boots.

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Toesliders, it is not a goal but a tool!
Most sporty boots have a toe slider. These hard blocks can be attached to the motorcycle boots by means of a click system. Toesliders ensure that you do not get stuck with your motorcycle boots when you go diagonally through the bend and your boots hit the asphalt. If you ride sporty, these toe sliders wear over the asphalt. Make sure to replace your toe slider in time before you damage your boots. toe sliders are made of many different materials such as plastics, leather and titanium, each more durable than the other. If titanium is incorporated in your toe sliders, then a sparkling spectacle is guaranteed when going diagonally through the bend.

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