Raleri is a universal anti-fog lens that you stick in the visor of your motorcycle helmet. This way you prevent the visor of your motorcycle helmet from fogging up, even if you do not have Pinlock preparation. Be assured of clear vision thanks to Raleri.

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Raleri visor

What is a raleri visor and what is it for?
Raleri is a universal adhesive visor that can be mounted on almost any visor. A raleri visor is glued to the inside of the visor and prevents fogging of the visor. Motorcyclists know it better than anyone else: nothing more annoying and dangerous than a fogged visor on your motorcycle helmet. The Italian Raleri has worked for years on a high-tech solution and is now also in the Netherlands with the most advanced product for this: Raleri

Combining revolutionary optical properties and the equally progressive way of closing the air chamber, this double visor with a special gasket offers the definitive solution to all vision problems that motorcyclists may encounter. Raleri visors are available in a clear version and a photogromatic version (darkens automatically by radiation from UV light).

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