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3 Battery charger

Specially designed to optimize your battery and engine maintenance
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Optimate chargers are more than just battery chargers! The battery chargers Tecmate you optimize the capacity and life of your battery. The Optimate 3+ is specially designed for motorcycle batteries. This maintenance charging is supplied with a cable that can be connected directly to the battery, and a cable with two terminals for a separate battery.

Tecmate Optimate 3 charging stages

The Optimate 3 for extending the life of your battery. This causes the Optimate 3 by the battery charging to be in six steps. In the first step, the maintenance mode is initialized, and checks the battery checks the state of the battery and determines a suitable starting point for the program. If the battery is in good condition can be recharged in a normal manner. If neglected or discharged battery charger opt for a recovery to activate the battery with varied pulses. In the 3 th step, the battery is charged at full speed up to 80%, and once this capacity has been reached, the charging proceeds to step 4. In this phase, the last 20% of the battery is filled. This is done with a lower voltage for the preservation of the battery. In step 5, the battery pack is tested for charge retention, when this is not good is repeated, the program again. The last step is the maintenance charge. This phase ensures that you battery can be permanently connected to the Optimate, and in that it is optimized.

Optimate three types of batteries

The Optimate 3 is designed to be for motor batteries. This is because the battery charger can charge battery packs having 3 to 30 amperes per hour. Which typically have motor batteries around the 20Ah is that in a car higher (around 50Ah). The Optimate charging with 0.6 amps which is more than adequate for a motor.

Specifications Optimate 3:

- Maintenance Charger
- can reactivate old run
- Display the status of the battery
- Battery can be connected permanently out
- Test and maintenance cycle
- Includes connector for the battery
- Includes clamps for a separate battery
- optimizes power
- Extended service life of the battery
- also suitable for light car batteries
- Charge with 0.6A
- Range of 2-30Ah
- Led view

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