E10 Fuel Fighter brandstofaditief 325ml

Provides protection against harmful E10 fuel
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Putoline E10 Fuel Fighter fuel additive helps keep your engine in top condition and protect against the harmful effects of refueling E10 fuels, 10% bioethanol exist. Add a cap (25ml) Fuel Fighter to 25 gallons of gasoline.

Why Putoline E10 Fuel Fighter use?

More and more diving E10 fuels at filling stations. This fuel mixture which consists of 90% from fossil fuel, and 10% Bio-ethanol (alcohol) can cause damage to seals and gaskets, in that bio-ethanol is more aggressive than Euro 95.

Through the use of E10 Fuel Fighter is your engine protects against the harmful effects that include corrosion is prevented. It also improves the lubrication in the engine block and may have a lower fuel consumption as a result.

Properties Putoline E10 Fuel Fighter fuel additive

  • fuel additive in 250 ml of dosing bottle
  • Protects against the harmful effects of E10 fuels
  • protects against corrosion of the fuel
  • improves the lubricating properties
  • Reduces fuel consumption and internal friction in the engine block
  • Cleans injectors and valves for optimum combustion
  • Use 25 ml to 25 liters of fuel with convenient dosing cap
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