Fuel Inject Valve & Cleaner 150ml

Optimize fuel system with this additive
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The Putoline Inject & amp; Valve Cleaner helps fuel additive deposits in the fuel system of both two-stroke and four-stroke engines and thus avoid to keep your engine in top condition. Using Putoline Inject & amp; Valve Cleaner optimizes the fuel which restores the performance and reduces fuel consumption. Particularly suitable for engines that make low mileage, or many short trips and city.

Why Putoline Inject & amp; Valve use Cleaner?

Putoline Inject & amp; Valve Cleaner use is deposition of gasoline in the fuel removed with an overall better running engine result. It improves cold starting, allow the engine to idle more frequently and prevents contents when accelerating. It further improves the combustion, which reduces fuel consumption and improves the engine output.

Putoline Inject & amp; Valve Cleaner use

You use the Inject & amp; Valve Cleaner by pouring it empty before refueling. One 150ml bottle of fuel additive is good for up to 20 liters of gasoline. It is recommended to use a 4,000 km 1 vial. In many urban traffic, short journeys or low mileage is recommended in order to repeat this once every 2000 km.

How do you use the fuel additive;

  1. Pour the fuel in the fuel tank;
  2. Use one bottle every 4000 km;
  3. Highly contaminated systems: 1 vial 3 at the first refueling station;
  4. Many urban or low mileage 2000 km per vial;
  5. 150ml treated for up to 20 liters of gasoline
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Specifications description

Properties Inject & amp; Valve Cleaner fuel additive

  • fuel additive in 150 ml bottle
  • optimizes the fuel consumption and -verbranding
  • improves the engine output and reduced fuel consumption
  • Provides a quick cold start
  • Prevents irregular idling and content to accelerate




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