Fuel Stabilizer 150 ml

Fuel additive at the longer standing still of the engine
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The Putoline Fuel Stabilizer fuel additive helps your motorcycle in top condition the winter break. If your motor is stationary for more than a month, fuel gets the opportunity to oxidize and causing paint deposits in the tank and in important parts of the carburetor.

Why use Putoline Fuel Stabilizer?

When your engine is stationary for some time, fuel gets the chance to oxidize in the tank and the fuel system, so that the performance of the motor can ultimately reverse. The gasoline is preserved by the Fuel Stabilizer.

Apply Putoline Fuel Stabilizer

per 20 liters you use 150ml of this fuel additive. Tank the engine and add fuel stabilizer depending on the fuel content. After adding you move the engine through which the gasoline and the additive mix together. For optimum effect you leave the engine for a few minutes to make the fuel system flow through the additive.

Properties putoline fuel stabilizer fuel additive
  • fuel additive in 150 ml bottle
  • preserves fuel when the engine has stopped longer time

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