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RS1 Wax Polish polisher

Easy-to-use polish with protective properties
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Putoline RS1 Wax Polish helps you to keep your boasting in concourse condition. This polish is easy to use and ensures that after washing the paint, carbon and metal parts are provided with a long deep shine. Perhaps even more important is the protective layer that the RS1 Wax spray leaves. So you benefit longer from your cleanup and protects the engine from exposure to the evil that you meet zoal.

Why Putoline RS1 Wax Polish use?

If you are quite toil on cleaning your bike then you should of course there as long as possible benefit. In addition to that it is the icing on the cake forms by the deep luster that the Putoline Wax with the addition of carnauba wax leaves behind, are lakdelen and other carbon or metal parts provided with an additional protective layer. Easy to be applied with a micro fiber cloth.

Putoline RS1 Wax Polish application

You bring the RS1 Wax Polish Putoline on clean and dry motor. Make sure you shake the can well in advance and apply the wax polish up on. Next, let it rest for the agent a few minutes and rub your it with a soft cloth, for example, from a micro-fibrous cloth is created until the deep shine.

How do you use the cleaning spray

  1. Shake the sprayer before use;
  2. Make the RS1 Wax Polish generously to the engine;
  3. Allow him a few minutes;
  4. Wipe with a clean, micro-fiber cloth;

Properties Putoline RS1 Wax Polish polish

  • 500ml aerosol can with wax spray
  • Bring a protective layer with long-term deep shine
  • lakdelen Suitable ovor, metals, carbon, titanium and helmet shells
  • Easy-to-use
  • Silicon-free with Carnauba wax additive
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