Kidney belts

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Kidney belt

Why do we wear a kidney belt on the motorcycle?
You may not see it immediately, but many motorcyclists wear a kidney belt under their motorcycle jacket. Besides the fact that a kidney belt supports your lower back, it has a number of other advantages. A kidney belt that is properly tightened prevents the kidneys from 'walking' on very bumpy roads. A kidney belt forces you to sit upright on the bike so that you cannot assume a slumped sitting position and is therefore a godsend for people with back problems.

Nowadays kidney belts are also used by off-road and all-road motorcyclists, as a back support and extension for the body protector or back protector. In the past, kidney belts were made of leather, with buckles on the front. Today, elastic plastic is used with Velcro. The latest types have one hard strip on the back and two extra elastic bands that can pull the kidney belt extra tight with Velcro.

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